Silverfern International School | โรงเรียนนานาชาติซิลเวอร์เฟิร์น

Primary Curriculum

The International Baccalaureate (IB)

As an International Baccalaureate (IB) candidate school. The Primary students aged 3 – 12 years.   Through the Primary framework, Silver Fern students are encouraged to inquire and take risks in their learning, allowing them to foster a lifelong love for learning. Our students are given opportunities to engage in studies relevant to them and the times in which we live, where they grasp the conceptual understanding of their place in this world.

The Primary school focuses on the growth of the whole child, encompassing the academic, social, physical, emotional and cultural needs of all students. As approaches to learning and teaching include Primary school practices through planning, teaching and assessing, we at Silver Fern ask:

What do we want our students to learn?

How best will they learn?

How do we know what they have learned?

With the transdisciplinary nature of the Primary school framework, subject areas are interwoven, as real-life experiences do not occur in isolation.  Acquisition of knowledge is organised under the six transdisciplinary themes which guide inquiry and compose a year of study at Silver Fern: